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Non-Medicare Open Enrollment from 11/1 to 12/15/18.
Medicare Open Enrollment from 10/15 to 12/7/18.

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Individual & Family Plans

Compare the benefits and costs of various health plans from the convenience of your computer. It's fast and simple...and if you have a question you can always give us a call at 800.537.9786.

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Employer Plans

The REGIT agency is committed to providing a thorough assessment of your employee benefits program. We use our professional experience to manage and service all aspects of your plans. From implementation to each subsequent renewal, we strive to make sure there is a balance between the level of coverage(s) provided and the related cost.

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Financial Protection Plans

When an illness or accident strikes, the results can be devastating. But if you're prepared, it doesn't have to be. Find out how to protect you and your family with cash benefits when the unexpected happens. See how inexpensive peace of mind can be.

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